Research Technician I - Molecular & Human Genetics - Bellen Lab (90002279)

Baylor College of Medicine

Houston, TX

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Posted: July 21, 2021

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Job Description


Seeking a Research Technician I who is highly skilled in fly genetics, who knows all the fly dominant markers, is familiar with fly balancer chromosomes, and special fly husbandry. Will prepare high quality DNA for injections in fly embryos, and transgenic procedures. Will also perform PCR reactions to determine the insertion site of the transgenes and determine if the CRISPER-mediated insertions are in the right location. Will collect all information and record the data in databases. The technician will perform immunohistochemical stainings, prepare the samples for confocal microscopy and use the confocal microscopes to document the expression patterns of genes tagged with CRISPER constructs.

Job Duties

  • Help establish transgenic stocks for the fly community.
  • Cloning of DNA in some vectors and preparation of clean DNA for embryo injection. Upon injection of this DNA by a specialized team, this person will identify which flies carry the transgene and determine if the insertion is in the precise intended location using PCR.
  • Cross the transgenes to balancers to establish stocks.
  • Collect all the molecular information about the gene, the insertion site, and the constructs used, and integrate them in a database.
  • Stain third instar larval brains with an antibody, mount the brains on a coverslip, and perform scanning confocal microscopy to document the expression pattern of the tagged gene.
  • Data will also be reported in the database.
  • Keep the stocks and deposit them in the Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center in Indiana. These stocks are used by thousands of fly biologists and the data need to be of the highest quality and fully reproducible. Drosophila researchers throughout the USA and the world rely on these data. So far 850,000 cultures of fly stocks have been sent around the world.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Associate's degree in a Basic Science or related field. Two years of related experience may substitute for degree requirement.
  • One year of relevant experience.





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